Australia’s Most Popular Pop Artist - Pop Culture Portrait Artist

Australia’s Most Popular Pop Artist - Pop Culture Portrait Artist

My thing is portraits, although I have phases of other subjects. However,  the biggest thing when I was getting my Fine Art degree was wanting to become a portrait artist.

I graduated from Ballarat University 20 years ago now and had abstract artist Doug Wright as my mentor. I was in awe of him I guess, not that I am an abstract painter but just loved how the lessons were all about freedom and expression. We never learned one technique in my 3 years, it was all expression and letting our talents come through us instead of being trained.

Now 20 years on and running several successful business I am also a popular pop portrait artist. My works sell all around the world and using Pack N Send for my courier.

I do prefer to just sell the works I paint as opposed to creating commissions as my works come from my soul and my journey. They all are personal to me, commissions don’t have that.

Check out my site with my current works for sale. International postage fees apply. 

Harry Styles Golden Pop Portrait

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