Buy Art Directly From The Artist

Buy Art Directly From The Artist

When you purchase art direct from the artist you are supporting that persons skills, experience and knowledge. It is very hard to get exposure when we are competing with cheap mass produced prints that saturate the market or the getting noticed through 3rd party online websites posing as galleries.

Many artists spend their days creating their works 7 days a week, all day everyday. It is not a 9-5 job so having to pay a website 33% plus percent for a sale where that site does not even know they exist as an artist (because if so many artists on their platform) is ridiculous.
Some of those platforms even want us artists to reduce our prices to keep in line with cheap mass produced prints. Undercutting our talents and skills to line their pockets with money.

The best thing about buying art direct from the artist is you get to build a relationship with the artist. Platforms like Bluethumb in Australia don’t want artists to communicate with the collectors as they want to control it all just in case they lose money from a sale outside of their website. That is greed as sites like Bluethumb solely make money from others art. 

Most artists will have their own website as for their business they should so if you love an artist on a 3rd party mass saturated website then search up their name and buy direct from the artist.

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