Buy Art Online - Unconditional Love Art

Buy Art Online - Unconditional Love Art

Life is a journey right? When I was 36 my son was stabbed and nearly died. This traumatic experience kick started my spiritual awakening.

I did not even know such a thing existed until that was the path I was on. Oh it was intense, as what happens is everything comes up from the subconscious, the soul and is brought to the surface to heal.

As I was dealing with it I kind of used my YouTube channel for a few years as a therapist. I even studied a double degree in Criminology and Psychological Science but that was just the surface that was being touched. A spiritual awakening is beyond what Science can test and they are not there yet with the realities of the universe.

I healed my soul and a huge part of it was finding love for myself. It does not matter what anyone else thought of me or their expectations of me. It became all about me building a relationship with myself.

I did not even use the word Love much growing up as that was not the environment I was raised in. 2 abusive parents, so any love that we are naturally born with got smashed out of us children.

So thankfully I started my ascension because now the love energy that goes into my art is also given to you when you buy my one-of-a-kind paintings.


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