Leather Roses For Weddings

Leather Roses For Weddings

In Dec 2020 I woke up one morning and registered Ballarat Textile Recycling. I had no idea what I was going to create all I knew is we needed to start to find a new way to dispose of our fabric waste.

I advertised on Instagram and within a few days my house was full of clothes. For the next 12 months I tried to come up with things that could be created to repurpose the donations. I used the word recycle in my business name knowing that was the majority of education for our society but I don’t recycle I repurpose. Recycling often takes a product and used our finite resources to break it down to create something else.

So recycling is kind of a good idea but like most things humans do they do not think of the consequences of their actions before it is too late. Breaking down products uses our precious resources. Unfortunately, the problem lies within the mass industries that are only worried about money and not the impact of what they sell to us. Of course we buy what the market tells us too but they give us the rubbish in the first place. If there was only biodegradable items then that is what we would buy but businesses want money. If biodegradable costs more they are not interested.

Anyway, yep I am passionate. So my business started for the need to reduce fast fashion waste actually. Look up Ghana, did you realise your op shop donations end up there? Surprised right?

In the first few days of starting Ballarat Textile Recycling a lovely Antique restorer named Graeme from Woodshed Antiques in Ballarat contacted me as he had a car load of leather to give me.

How Forever Roses were born

When I was a child my mother had a single real rose that was preserved and was called ‘Forever Rose’. When I got the leather I spent weeks trying to create things that may sell. Then the roses came to me. I have a large rose tattoo on my shoulder and roses are my flower that I paint all of the time. There is a personal story that goes along with the meaning behind them.

This is how they are created 

Huge bags of leather off cuts

Lots of different colours 

Hand cut each petal to reduce waste 

Shape each petal one at a time 

Create each rose individually 

Paint them the colours of your choice