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Buy Original Art and Get Love Energy For Free - Leah Justyce Art Gallery

My days are filled with marketing and painting original artworks. One-of-a-kind art that is created with fabric that is donated to me from Australians wanting to reduce the amount of waste in our landfills. (Love for humanity, love for the planet).

All of my works are one offs, I never reproduce them as they are special. I want to talk a little bit about energy and that all things are made up of energy and that energy you feed off in your home.

As I spent years researching what it means by, we are all energy. I came across a video about energy clearing. This woman actually created items with repurposed products (kind of like me) and she felt that after she received some donations things became heavy in her home. She spoke to energy healers Jill and Remi (search them up on YouTube you will find this vid I am talking about). Remi spoke to her about an entity that was hanging over her and about where her particular item came from and the energy that was associated with it. It had bad mojo, really and it was a piece of material. But it really isn't, it is just a mass of particles that our human experience kind of runs on 5 senses (as the 6th "they" can not control so try to say it does not exist). "They" as in the money makers and controlling bodies of the world who manipulate us. We as humans just experience those particles as solid objects.

Remi mentions that in the sweat shop for example the employees are treated badly and underpaid, they often hate their jobs so in turn probably hate their lives. They are angry with their situation so are creating items with that energy. It is really with anything at all, and then it just gets worse and worse with the energy attached to that item. So from creation of the product, let's say the death of a cow for leather, the energy associated with that. All of the people who are in contact with that item all the way to the point of sale have energy associated with it and you as the consumer buy it and think nothing of it. Things start to go bad in your life for some unknown reason to you and really it could actually be the energy that you have brought into your home with your new item. Absolutely everything is made up of energy, absolutely everything can change your life simply by you not knowing about energy.

I spent years searching for love, for unconditional love. Not from another human but for that energy change within myself. I needed to feel love for me and for all, that is what you get a piece of when you buy my art. You are also hanging unconditional love on your wall and let's face it we need to awaken to more of that. Not all original work is like that of course, as in created with love energy. Art about war for example would not often be about love as it may be trying to convey pain maybe, art about sex contains sexual energy, you can feel it as well as see it in the images portrayed. 

I just wanted to write a blog about the energy in everything and maybe that will make you a bit more aware of what you purchase and what you already own. There is a process to everything and that everything is all energy.

Just a tip too. Look up ways to cleanse energy in your home, look up Solfeggio Frequencies, Schumann Resonance, burn Sage, Rosemary or Pine to clear energy and really this should be done everyday. If you go outside near other humans you should come home and cleanse your energy, if you buy anything you should smudge some sage and wave it around your new items to cleanse it's energy.

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