Buy Original Art Online - Leah Justyce Art Gallery

Buy Original Art Online - Leah Justyce Art Gallery

Buying one of a kind original art from Leah Justyce helps reduce waste in our landfills.

Her paintings are created on repurposed fabric that has been donated from Australians who are conscious about their textile waste. 

Her statement pieces are more than just something that hangs on the wall they are also planet saving works of art. As we move into a circular economy where we are taking responsibility for reusing and repurposing the items we have Leah is an innovative leader in her field. By starting up Ballarat Textile Recycling people are able to have a place to donate their fabrics instead of throwing them away.

Her works since end of 2020 are all created with repurposed fabric. All of her works are NRAAA registered and no prints are ever created as consumers end up throwing prints away as their is nothing special about them. Original works are special.

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