Buy Star Wars Hand Painted Art - Princess Leia

Buy Star Wars Hand Painted Art - Princess Leia

The Princess Leia painting you see here was the first piece of mine to be published in The World of Interiors in the UK. 

Like most of my works from 2020 to now it is painted on repurposed fabric that people from Australia have donated to me to give a new life to and reduce fabric in our landfills.

I create many different works as I am intuitive artist, I paint what I feel connected to paint. There is either a subconscious connection as to why it is created. I got called Princess Leah for most of my life by many.

This is why I painted Princess Leia. I paint bespoke works too. So if you wanted any Star Wars character then let me know who and the size you want and we can go from there.

My bespoke works are paid in full upfront just like buying most things in life. 

Click on the image to go to her page and buy her if she is still available. I only paint one of a kind works so if you love her then make her yours.

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