Calling Eco Artists To Add Their Works To My Online Gallery

Calling Eco Artists To Add Their Works To My Online Gallery

I am passionate about helping reverse some of the damage to our universe we have all been part of at some point. Well maybe not all but many as we live in a consumer society.

I started up a textile recycling business and did not have a clue as to what I was going to create I just knew I needed to bring awareness to this issue in my artist’s way

I spent months creating different kinds of craft items, fabric bowls, fabric plant pots and little things like that they took for ever but did not use much fabric. Now I only create large yoga cushions, could be dog beds, kids reading corner cushions whatever you want them to be and paintings using repurposed fabric. 

I want to add other artists to my online Gallery and will only take 20% commission ever. As I will be the one adding your works to my online gallery and promoting the message we are sending to the rest of the planet.

You need to send me an email and tell me what you do that contributes to healing our planet. Send me images of your works and the biggest thing is that you do not ever create prints of your works. Prints add to our landfill waste and since that is what I am all about prints are a no no with my platform. 

I will add a profile for you to my online gallery so if approved I will send the info needed write up’s of your listings. I would love this to be Australia’s largest eco-friendly online gallery. As we are moving to a circular economy this is where the world is heading so get onboard and help save the planet.

I work with Fantastic Framing so works can be framed by them and use Pack N Send for postage.