Consistency Equals Achievement

Consistency Equals Achievement

Hello beautiful world,

My name is Leah Justyce and this is my first blog post for my new Art Gallery website. I have moved my site from a GoDaddy one which was great for the past 2 years but have decided to put it on Shopify platform. I actually made 70k in 18 months making extra large face masks and one of the platforms was a Shopify shop.

I felt that GoDaddy got me circulating within a few hours on Google though as opposed to weeks starting up on Shopify. But the internet well and truly knows me now so time to move to a dedicated ecomm platform.

I woke up this morning felling I needed to make a vlog again, have not done that for a very long time. I spent years creating YouTube videos but seriously it took up my life with constant algorithm changes and doing everything "YouTube" said to do but still get only a few views and seeing other channels that did not follow YouTubes rules blow up. I was fighting a system that really promotes who they want.

I also feel in my learning of myself that I need to do what my intuition says to do for my path, my journey and making a YouTube vid has not come to me for a long time. But I do love Insta and lots of beautiful people on there. Sure it is a marketing tool to get you or your cause out there but there are lots of real people on there too. That respond, follow and communicate with you. Insta is a different world to lets say Facebook. That place is full of anger and hate, no thank you, not for me.

Anyway I just created an Insta IGTV and wanted to see how it works when I embed it on here. So the post was about consistency and achievements.