Designer Baby and Toddler Portraits

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Designer Baby and Toddler Portraits

Hello beautiful world,

My name is Leah Justyce and I am a portrait artist. I have spent the last 7 years using my art as a gateway to heal my mental health and now it is time to create custom portraits or people and animals.

My custom portraits are hand painted and one-of-a-kind works. I do not create prints of any of my works as I have a few businesses and one of them is Ballarat Textile Recycling. It is all about having a place for people to donate their unwanted clothing and fabrics, like linen to (for free) and give them a new life instead of throwing them away or giving them to the Salvos who send a lot of our donations overseas to add to their landfills.

I can create works any size and for years I preferred huge works, 100cm plus sizes but to keep costs down for collectors and for a common sizing I create these 60cm x 50cm custom baby and toddler portraits for only $200. Postage is free in Australia and International fees apply

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