Discovering Tranquility Through Art: The Journey of Kiara La Rocca

Discovering Tranquility Through Art: The Journey of Kiara La Rocca


In the bustling world of healthcare, finding a healthy work-life balance can be challenging. For Kiara La Rocca, a self-taught abstract artist from Perth, Western Australia, art became the perfect outlet to achieve this balance. Her journey into the world of art began not long after starting her full-time job in healthcare. Seeking a way to switch off and bring a sense of calm into her home, La Rocca turned to the canvas, creating stunning pieces inspired by nature and the ocean.

The Birth of an Artistic Outlet

Kiara La Rocca's foray into art was driven by a desire to find harmony amidst the demands of a healthcare career. The pressures and responsibilities of the job often left her in need of a way to decompress and find inner peace. Art, with its boundless potential for self-expression and creativity, provided the perfect escape.Starting with modest tools and materials, La Rocca soon discovered a deep passion for creating abstract art. Her works, characterized by their serene and soothing qualities, began to reflect the tranquility she sought to bring into her own life.

Techniques and Inspirations

La Rocca’s art is a testament to her love for nature and the ocean. Using modelling paste, wall plaster, and acrylic paint, she crafts pieces that capture the essence of the natural world. The textures and colors she employs evoke the vibrancy and tranquility of outdoor landscapes, bringing a piece of the serene outdoors into indoor spaces.The use of modelling paste and wall plaster adds a tactile dimension to her work, creating depth and texture that invite viewers to not only see but also feel the essence of nature. These materials, combined with the rich hues of acrylic paint, allow La Rocca to create dynamic, layered compositions that are both visually captivating and emotionally soothing.

The Impact of Art on Well-Being

For La Rocca, the process of creating art is therapeutic. It provides a way to disconnect from the stresses of daily life and focus on something purely creative. This therapeutic aspect of art is reflected in the calming nature of her pieces, which are designed to bring a sense of peace and tranquility to those who view them.

Her work resonates with many who seek to incorporate elements of nature into their homes, creating environments that foster relaxation and well-being. By capturing the colors and feelings of nature, La Rocca's art serves as a reminder of the beauty and calm that can be found in the natural world.

A Growing Presence in the Art World

As a self-taught artist, Kiara La Rocca's journey is an inspiring example of how passion and dedication can lead to remarkable achievements. Her work, deeply personal and evocative, has begun to attract attention and admiration within the art community.

La Rocca’s pieces are more than just decorative art; they are expressions of her journey towards balance and tranquility. Each artwork is a reflection of her love for nature and her desire to bring its calming influence into her life and the lives of others.

Bringing Nature Indoors

La Rocca’s art invites viewers to experience the tranquility of the outdoors from the comfort of their homes. Her pieces serve as windows to serene landscapes, capturing the essence of the ocean’s waves, the rustling of leaves, and the vibrant colors of a sunset. These works remind us of the peaceful moments we can find in nature and encourage us to create spaces that promote calm and relaxation.


Kiara La Rocca’s journey from healthcare professional to abstract artist is a beautiful testament to the power of creativity and the therapeutic potential of art. Her nature and ocean-inspired pieces not only provide a sense of calm and tranquility but also highlight the importance of finding balance in our busy lives. Through her innovative use of materials and her deep connection to the natural world, La Rocca brings the serene beauty of the outdoors inside, creating artworks that soothe the soul and inspire the spirit.

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