Leah Justyce Art in British Vogue

Leah Justyce Art in British Vogue

As an artist for over half of my life I was never keen on having exhibitions, I was too introverted for that for 40 years. But now I guess I am at that age where I could care less about others opinions. Being like that just allows you to be you and live your life for you.

I hope you get to that point in your life!! It is a beautiful place to be.

I am an entrepreneur and always wanted my own gallery and as we have evolved my idea of a space turned into an online gallery that showcases my work to the world instead of the tiny handful of people that know my space exists in my town.

By having an online gallery I got noticed my some London magazines and British Vogue is one of them. My Gustav Klimt inspired piece was chosen to get printed in British Vogues May 2022 issue

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