Luxe Art For Sale - Buy Art Online

Luxe Art For Sale - Buy Art Online

Now that my work is being published in Londons The World of Interiors and House and Garden magazines I have a whole new world of collectors and a whole new direction where I am taking my pop culture works.

Truthfully, I have always created works that are on the cheaper side to cater for a market of collectors that most Australian online art shop websites promote to. Small is what the two main online selling platforms seem to like as people will impulse buy on products that are cheap. They also seem to love art that is like everyone else’s.

Just image if the art world stayed like that, we would not even have evolved in creating perspective in our works. No art movements would have happened that is for sure. Australia is very behind when it comes to most things and those who are outside of the box thinkers end up going global as the Aussie market can not handle them. A good thing indeed!!

Most Aussie art is very similar, they all copy one another, then again it is probably the fact that everyone these days is self thought most copy someone else’s work I find when self taught. So many short courses on how to use a squeegee to create art! 

The main online art selling platforms here too want the artist to create only one kind of work. That’s ok but personally it takes art from Fine Art to just a commercial side of it. Like we become a production line. Well it was for me anyway because painting the many things I have for the past few years just to sell art still strips me of my soul. Artists who just create for a cheap market and do not love it will know what I am saying. Some love it, it is a job for some more than who they are.

Well guess what? Australia does not notice me but I am noticed in London!

I can not even begin to tell you how happy I am that Londons most prestigious magazine contacted me to be part of their journey. I have contacted many Australian magazines and art platforms and they all ignore me. I did not contact The World of Interiors they found me! 

So instead of continuing painting works to cater for the cheaper Aussie market I now get to create what I would call luxe art. Larger pieces where I take my time an immerse myself in my creation. At the start of 2022 I said this year will all be about passion and love and this will shine through in my in my works.

Please follow me on Insta @leahjustyceartgallery as I constantly show pics of my works in progress. 


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