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Only Buy Registered Art - Leah Justyce Art Gallery

If you are a serious art collector only ever buy registered art

In a world where prints and mass produced cheap products that have no real value are constantly pushed into consumers faces only buying art that is registered is something that needs to be talked about more.

Art is more than just that print you saw, and some are not even cheap. I have seen many a famous artwork be advertised on sites that charge into the thousands for the exact same image you can get printed out yourself at Harvey Norman. I talk about prints as that is what is pushed into our faces as artists as the way of making a passive income. But if you know my mission and what I stand for then you know that when everything is just about money then humans just consume and destroy.

Look at our planet. I paint large canvasses on repurposed fabrics that people from all over Australia donate to me to give a new life to and hopefully avoid landfill in a hurry. When people buy one-of-a-kind art that is special they will look after it and it not be thrown out next season like prints are.

I register all of my works when with the NRAAA. This is not a useless Certificate of Authenticity that anyone can print off Google and sign as if they created it. It is a data base of the artist and their art you as they buyer can even register you as the owner of the work. Given the push of NFTs people must love to have their name on the ownership of things, as NFTs are just ownership papers in the long run,

Why you should only buy registered work

As an art lover, purchasing officially registered art works is your assurance that the work is genuine, created by a registered artist who can be validated through the National Registry of Australian Art and Artists.

You can instantly compare the work you have purchased (or are planning to) with its registered photograph.  You have the option of registering as the owner of any registered work, which for your privacy is never made public.  Even if you don’t register as the owner, you can still use the National Registration Number as your record for insurance purposes.

If you’re a serious collector, you can identify where each officially registered art work is on public display if you like.