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Reasons Why People Buy Art - Leah Justyce Art Gallery

Really there could be many reasons why people buy art but humans are humans and we do things for subconscious reasons that most of the time we are unaware of. We kind of do the same thing as each other therefore, I am just going to pin point a few reasons as to why someone may buy art.

1. Value (Investment)

I will start of with value. As in the monetary value of a piece of art. The buyer may be an investor so they know all about investing in art or they pay someone to invest their money in art, They would probably have an extensive collection of art throughout history as well. Some may not even be on show but are kept safe and protected. Oprah Winfrey made a huge profit on a Gustav Klimt painting a few years back. She may have purchased it because she liked it but she probably did so because she thought that maybe it was going to be a good investment, she was right. Or whoever she paid to invest her money was right.

2. Memories (Emotions)

Some art is brought as it evokes and emotion in the buyer. They have a sentimental attachment to the image portrayed and it triggers an emotion when they see it. It would be nice to think that all art makes people feel happy but that is not the case as not all art is created to bring happiness to the viewers. However, art is subjective so it may not trigger the same emotions in all viewers.

3. Prestige

Some people want to fit in and feel important so they purchase items that they think will make them more important in others eyes. In a few houses that I used to clean over the years they had the same 4 prints of line art works of Picasso, I remember a Penguin. They would have paid a ridiculous amount from the local mass produced home wares shop here in Ballarat but Picasso always comes to mind when I think about people and their limiting thoughts. Most people these days would disapprove of who Picasso was as a man and his ways with younger women (look it up this post is not about that) however as his name is what is marketed over the years his reputation is cancelled out. These days you get cancelled on your platform as in influencer for saying one wrong word yet people will still think that the name Picasso is what will make them important. They would not hang his work if they knew what kind of person he was. But by hanging a name like Picasso on their walls they feel they are of importance.

4. For the love of art

Some people love to spend money and that is it. They see something and have to have it. Psychologically someone needs to see something 7 times for it to be ingrained in their subconscious and they feel they need it in their life. They do not care about costs, value, or emotions they just buy it because they have to have it.

5. Art makes a statement

Some artists use their art as a way of making a statement. My art for example is created with repurposed fabrics that Australians donate to me to give a new life to instead of ending up in our landfills in the near future. My subjects have a deeper connection to my life and the roses are symbolic for my struggles and healing of depression and a suicide attempt. My aunt was named Rose and she committed suicide years ago. Some people look into the history of that piece and that is the statement other art is in your face and obvious.