Australia's Number 1 Sustainable Artist

Leah Justyce BVA

Leah Justyce graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Visual Art (Fine Art) and in 2019 with a Double Degree in Criminology and Psychological Science.

She paints what she is driven to paint as part of her journey in this life. Knowing that when we are creative we are in a meditative state called sublimation. We are awake in this consciousness and connected to our subconscious so what is deep within comes to the surface.

Her subjects are chosen by intuition and as she paints the connection to either the mass consciousness energy or her healing journey meaning comes up and she is able to heal herself or interpret what is felt on a global scale.

Simple examples. Feeling driven to paint Picasso’s Weeping Woman. Once she finished this piece she looked into why Picasso painted this. Leah’s version was painted 3 days into the Ukraine bombings began. She never had an urge or even likes Picasso’s work as an influence in her life but woke up and needed to paint that particular image that day.

As a viewer you may see a simple image, like Beatrix Potters Peter Rabbit for example. But the reason that Leah has painted her works is her work that she has done on healing her inner child, childhood trauma and her journey with what was once a life time of depression that lead to an attempted suicide. The flip side is she lived. The point of telling you that story is Leah’s work is so much deeper than the image you see on the surface.

Her work is now advertised in British Vogue, The World of Intetiors and House and Garden UK.

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