Blackbear (Matthew Musto) Portrait

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Blackbear actually purchased my Chester Bennington Portrait. He saw it advertised in either British Vogue, The World of Interiors or House and Garden UK. 

I saw his message on Instagram and figured it was just another spammy message we constantly get on Insta so I went and did some research and OMG he is real!!!!

It still seems surreal actually because things just kind of happen in life that are meant to be. Blackbear was a mate of Chesters and it hit him hard when Chester passed. It hit me hard too. 

Still sometimes I cry when I think how broken I once was and how broken he was to end up how he did. That's the part that still hurts today. Knowing how much in pain someone had to be to take their own life. Physically, spiritually and mentally all just pain. 

Blackbear helped me move on from the sadness I felt and feel for Chester. He was a massive part of my spiritual journey so when Blackbear contacted me it was like Chester aligned us. Yeah that might be a bit out there for some still but the love and respect we both have for Chester sparked our connection.

I'm blessed to tell this amazing story so had to paint Blackbear too.

This took ages. I am a speed painter that just rushes through it with energy and aggression usually. But I took my time and even added details. I love Blackbears ink all over his body, his nails and his jewellery. So spent time on them in this portrait.

He is 140cm x 150cm or there abouts. Taxes and postage will be calculated at checkout. If sent overseas he will be rolled up in a tube with no frame. Safer and cheaper.

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