Chester Bennington Portrait

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Chester Bennington and Linkin Park helped me heal when my son nearly died and it began my spiritual awakening. I attempted suicide during this journey as you get to a point where you just do not want to deal with the pain anymore.

When I woke up I was surprised and even thought for a minute that maybe when we die we just keep existing in another dimension that was like our old life but without the pain. As from that day on I made it my mission to help others, part of that was to just start giving to me instead of  trying to save people who did not want to be saved because they are caught up in this brainwashed existence.

I wish that I could take away all sadness and for people to know it is not as hard as we are lead to believe it is. The systems want us numb, and we allow that to happen to us. Unfortunately Chester was a victim to that system. Whether he took his own life or there is something more sinister going on in the end it was still the system that took his life.

This is painted and repurposed fabric that is donated to me by Australians wanting to reduce their fabric and textile waste. I create paintings and sculptures with it giving it all a new life instead of adding to the death of our planet.

All of my works are also registered with the NRAA. You can insure my works with this certificate. If you are a serious art collector you should never purchase art in Australia without it.

He is 105cm x 105cm and is on a stretched frame.


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