Celestial Harmony

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"Celestial Harmony"

In "Celestial Harmony," the viewer is immediately drawn to the striking solid pink circle at the center of the canvas, a focal point that radiates both warmth and energy. This central pink circle symbolizes a core of vibrant life, pulsating with potential and intensity.

Surrounding this nucleus, a series of concentric circles emerge, composed of varied marks and lines. Rendered in a harmonious blend of blue, brown, and orange, suggest an intricate dance of cosmic forces.The interplay of colors and shapes creates a dynamic yet balanced composition, evoking a sense of movement and fluidity.

The blue hues introduce a calming and expansive element, reminiscent of the sky or sea, providing a counterpoint to the passionate pink. Brown tones ground the piece, adding depth and stability, while the subtle touches of orange infuse the artwork with sparks of creativity and spontaneity.

"Celestial Harmony" invites contemplation, encouraging viewers to explore the relationships between the colors and forms. It speaks to the interconnectedness of all things, the balance of chaos and order, and the beauty that arises from their union. This abstract painting, with its vibrant central core and orbiting elements, encapsulates the essence of cosmic harmony and the universal rhythm of life.

Comes on a stretched frame ready to hang.

110cm x 110cm

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