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Title: "Eco-Harmony"

Dimensions: 110cm x 95cm

Medium: Acrylic on repurposed fabric

Description: "Eco-Harmony" is a vibrant abstract painting that intertwines environmental consciousness with artistic expression. This piece is rendered on a unique canvas made from repurposed fabric, donated by individuals across Victoria, embodying a collective effort to reduce textile waste in landfills.

The composition features an interplay of pink and orange circles and squares set against a lively green background, evoking a sense of dynamic harmony and energy.

The green serves as a symbol of renewal and growth, while the playful geometric shapes in warm hues add a sense of joy and creativity.

Brown rectangular forms punctuate the canvas, grounding the piece with earthy tones, and black lines weave through the composition, creating a rhythmic flow that ties all elements together.

Through its bold colors and geometric abstraction, "Eco-Harmony" not only engages the viewer visually but also prompts reflection on sustainability and the beauty that can arise from mindful resourcefulness.

Comes on a stretched frame ready to hang. Images taken before 3 coats of varnish applied.

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