Lady Gaga and Roses Portrait

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This is a huge portrait of Lady Gaga. I am not a perfectionist that’s not what I do I create energy in a representational form and atm it is March so it is the month of celebration of WOMEN.

This was inspired by the BAFTAs and Gaga looked like a goddess. As I painted it though I felt I was getting restrictive. Which is the subconscious energy I am expressing in this piece. It is freedom. It Is be who you want go to and do not care what others do or say. Just be you. 

I am also going to be published monthly for the next 12 months in Londons The World Of Interiors, Home and Garden, Tatler and British Vogue so am keen on just painting large luxury works.

This comes framed so choose what colour frame you want and I will send it off to the framers when you purchase it. Allow 14 days for the framers to do their magic and get it to you too.

Contact me if you are an International purchaser as your freight is charged according to your location and I use Pack N Send for me International freight.

Bespoke works are always welcome too. They will always have the roses around the outside of whatever I paint as that is now part of what I do.

This is 180cm (w) x 130cm (h) and 2cm (d)

My works are mixed media and often painted on repurposed fabrics that are donated to my business Ballarat Textile Recycling from those wanted to help reduce our fabric waste in landfills. This is created with spray paint, oil paint, acrylic paint, enamel paint and varnish

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