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Mona Lisa Portrait with roses

This is 105cm (w) x 120cm (h) on a stretched frame ready to hang.

This is painted on repurposed fabric donated to me from people all over Victoria wanting to reduce fabric waste in our landfills. Giving a new life to items that were destined to ruin our planet, now they create beauty and tell a story of healing and survival on so many levels. 

Painted in acrylics, oils and spray paints. Art Description: Mona Lisa Portrait with RosesThis captivating portrait of Mona Lisa, adorned with roses, measures 105cm (W) x 120cm (H) and is set on a stretched frame, ready to hang. Painted on repurposed fabric donated by individuals across Victoria, this piece symbolizes a collective effort to reduce fabric waste and protect our environment. By transforming materials once destined for landfills, this artwork not only creates beauty but also tells a profound story of healing and survival. Executed in a vibrant mix of acrylics, oils, and spray paints, this portrait brings a fresh and contemporary twist to a timeless classic.

All originals are registered with NRAAA so they can be insured.

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