Pooh Bear and Friends Pop Art

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Not sure how your life was playing out in 2021 but I live in Victoria. I lost my business of 7 years due to constant lockdowns and let’s face it the government’s and media constantly told us that we are all going to die.

So I spent my days doing what I love to do, which is paint. I started Ballarat Textile Recycling and people donated all kinds of items to me to repurpose which lead me to creating works I would not have without this business.

These are little Pooh Bear and Friends Pop Art works. They are 13cms x 19.5cms and laminated as the book pages were very delicate.

These are hand painted and only one of each one so if you like them then do not hesitate on your purchase.

They are unframed and would look fabulous in a single frame with a few of them in a row