Skull and Roses

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Hmmmm I love creating works like this. Big and chaotic. I felt like having a rest and then skulls and roses came to me so had to get up and paint this.

I painted a heap of skulls and roses on paper at the start of the pandemic because rolls of Kraft paper is all I had in my house and oil paints. I even painted skulls and roses on my car and made YouTube vids of it.

We were faced with the media and governments telling us if we go outside we will die so how could I not create works that are about life and death.

That is what skulls and roses represent to me. This was so much fun to paint because it has spray paint on it. I can see why street artists love their craft. I am addicted to having spray paint in my works now.

Very mixed media works. This will be the start of my ‘Life and Death’ series. See how many I create until the next thing pops up.

The price here comes with a Tasmanian Oak float frame, just choose your colour from the options. Allow around 14 days for delivery of your framed painting as I send them the artwork, they frame it, then send it to you from there.

This is 92cm x 92cm with the frame it will be around 97cm x 97cm