John Wick Portrait

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John Wick Portrait

What is Pop Culture?
Popular culture, pop culture for short, generally refers to the dominant or prevalent traditions and aspects of material culture in a certain society. In modern western countries, the term is used to describe various cultural products (movies, music, art, television, and more) that the majority of the population regularly consumes.

The types of products we consider to be pop culture have mass appeal, meaning that they target a broad audience and are enjoyed by vast numbers of people. This is just one way of defining it, but it is one that is used most often. There is no official definition of pop culture.

This is Keanu Reeves with my signature roses surrounding him.

You can order him in a stretched frame ready to hang it with a frame of your choice that is professionally crafted by Fantastic Framing. Allow 14 days for delivery if ordering with a frame.

All of my work comes registered with NRAA. This means my art can be insured as it is on a database registry, if you are serious about collecting art the you should only buy NRAA registered works.

Keanu is 70cm x 70cm unframed

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