The Masks We Wear

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This painting was a representation of my struggle with depression and a suicide attempt in 2018. It was a portrait of Heath Ledger at the end of his life, you can see that he is not happy in the photo it was taken from. When usually we see Heath with this massive smile on his face, maybe some of those photos were genuine but let’s face it…… often the image in our photos are not a true representation of our lives. Smile for the camera they say!

The expectations that society puts on us is hard. For most of my life I had to be something other than what I was as society was not comfortable with me being me, this made me lose my soul. I felt completely discontented from myself. People who struggle with depression are disconnected from them self, they often replay the past and end up becoming someone that they were not born to be.

This painting was part of my healing, part of me finding my soul again. It comes in a basic black frame ready to hang.

90cm x 60cm but comes in a Tasmanian Oak frame. Just choose the colour you want and allow 14 days for the framers to work their magic.

Free postage in Australia International fees apply