Whispers of Victoria

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Title: Whispers of Victoria

Dimensions: 110cm x 110cm

Medium: Acrylic on repurposed fabric

Description:"Whispers of Victoria" is an evocative abstract acrylic painting that melds vibrant color play with environmental consciousness.

Dominating the composition are a series of pink, green, and white circles, their organic forms adding a dynamic rhythm to the piece. The background is a symphony of three different shades of pink, blending and contrasting to create depth and texture. Accents of maroon and subtle hints of black weave through the canvas, adding complexity and grounding the vibrant palette.

This artwork is painted on repurposed fabric, a canvas rich with history and narrative. The fabric, donated by conscientious individuals across Victoria, embodies a collective effort to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

The repurposed material not only adds a unique texture to the painting but also infuses it with stories of its past, making "Whispers of Victoria" not just a visual experience, but a testament to community spirit and environmental stewardship.

Artist's Note:This piece is a celebration of both color and conscience. Each brushstroke and color choice was made with the intention of bringing joy and awareness, showcasing the beauty that can emerge from mindful repurposing. The circles symbolize unity and the cycle of giving, a tribute to the generous hearts of Victoria who contributed to this collective canvas.

This comes on a stretched frame ready to hang.

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